Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Looks Like Crazy...an update from the abyss

I just summed up my current place in life like this ... "It looks like crazy from the outside, but hopefully things'll work out" (I mean, I'm 32 and waiting tables with a law degree). At least my friend knew what the hell I was talking about! The truth is that I haven't written a blog in a while because I feel like I'm in a rut. I'm writing now to refocus, get my ass in gear and get fired up again.

Here's where I'm at...

1. Law firm: just switched everything to my own firm so that if I get more clients I can stash the cash for other adventures. Oh, and you know a girl's gotta look good on paper.

2. Microcredit: Still in love with this idea. I mean an economics theory actually being put to use in the nonprofit sector! I met with the USA Executive Director of the MicroLoan Foundation and took on a volunteer fund raising/development project. I then also waaaaaayyyy over committed myself by pretty much offering to assist on every other upcoming project.

3. FEMA: I just came accross a job posting for a dispute resolution/disaster relief position. It's an on-call emergency response position. You are sent to a spot in the USA hit by an emergency and act as a dispute resolution specialist. Well well well...travel you say? Helping people you say? No running water, electricity or daily necessities you say? Where do I sign up!

Okay, getting off said butt now.


  1. you might consider looking at this event. there are 2 of them in NYC, one right after the other.
    one is the Social Media summit on Sept 20th and the other is the following days:
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