Thursday, June 10, 2010

Andy Kelly's Career Goal: Being "The Torso"

I now think that my friend Andy is one of the smartest people in the in the in the galaxy. He and I worked together at a little bookstore-slash-cafe. and for a while I never really talked to the book store people much (them being on the other side of the tracks and all). But boy am I glad that we've crossed the center line 'cause I never would've learned the "torso theory" by Andy Kelly.

Prior to Andy's return to school to gain his masters in library science (he he, geek), we discussed his career goals. And what you ask is the best sounding career goal? Andy's answer is gotta be "the torso". As he put's it: "you've got to position yourself in the torso: shit gets pretty bad, you lose a leg, or a hand; shit gets apocalyptic heads roll, but you can't do anything without your torso."

Effing brilliant Andy, effing brilliant. Now pondering how to become the torso in my new life.

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